MoneyEdge Software

MoneyEdge Software

Most people could benefit from mapping out their financial future in three critical areas:

1. Protecting or replacing your future income

2. Accumulating assets by reducing debt and saving more of your own money

3. Protecting your assets once you have accumulated significant savings

To help you do that we have...










The MoneyEdge is...

Easy To Understand

Unlike many industry financial programs,MoneyEdge creates simple, understandable reports. The program offers a "real world" view and a step-by-step approach to help accomplish your goals.


MoneyEdge presents a comprehensive "snapshot" of your finances: net worth, retirement, college, savings, income, taxes, insurance, and a Disappearing Debt report to help in the elimination of debt.

All In One Place

You can go to one place to see all your finances, now and in previous  years. Tracking progress is made easy.

"What If" Scenarios

You can check out the effects of retiring earlier, living longer, changing inflation, changing rates of return; you change a figure, hit "go" and the new numbers are instantly displayed.


Your financial professionals and you can make adjustments to your plan at any time. You can access your plan over the web, from your home, office, or anywhere you have Internet access.


The MoneyEdge is on a secure, password protected site.